Booking Protection

Protect your holidays

Suitcases are ready, the car is loaded and the holiday is booked. Soon you will be on your way but ... here is the unexpected that stops you and will not let you leave.

Do not worry! Protect your holidays with Allianz "Booking Protection", in case of cancellation it protects your stay and your deposit, even in case of illness, including epidemics and diagnosed diseases such as, for example, COVID-19, accident or death. ! What if the unexpected happens in the middle of the holiday? Booking Protection also ensures you in the event of a sudden interruption of your stay.


Protect yourself from the unexpected:
- cancellation of the reservation
- unexpected interruption of the stay
- late arrival

You can choose between two different types of protection:



By entering the requested data you will get the cost estimate, if you intend to accept the conditions you will have to pay the insurance cover directly by credit card.
Allianz Global Assistance will send you the policy and the related number via confirmation email!

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