Lido di Volano

Lido di Volano is a seaside resort in the province of Ferrara, and is the northernmost of the seven Lidos of Comacchio, the one closest to the Po delta and therefore more interesting from a naturalistic point of view.

Together with the beach, Lido di Volano has a vast pine forest that is part of the state protected natural area called the Po di Volano Nature Reserve. The pine forest extends southwards for 6 km and separates the inhabited center from the Lago delle Nazioni and the nearest beach, that of Lido delle Nazioni.

It turns out to be the northernmost beach, closest to the Po delta and still surrounded by less exploited natural areas, therefore suitable for birdwatching and fishing.
In addition to the naturalistic part, there are numerous bathing establishments that offer the possibility of having fun even in the evening dancing on the beach, so it is also an excellent tourist resort for people of all ages.

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